Helpdesk Plugin (Freeware & Professional version)
The Professional edition of our Helpdesk Plugin. Attachments, Email Customizations and more. Check the link below to compare the two versions. This plugin requires the Freeware version installed and activated in your website.
Features Comparison
Full of features and optional extensions! Freeware Professional
Responsive, completely built with Bootstrap framework. Modern interface!
100% AJAX based, for super fast user experience
No-Limits for number of Agents. No monthly subscription!
Administration back-end Support Tickets Management
Quick Tickets search and counters
Filter by keyword, Status, Category, Agent
Create Ticket on customer’s behalf
Ability to add message to a Ticket
Add custom Ticket Categories
Email Notification on New Ticket
Full no restriction front-end
Allow your customers to create and review their Tickets
Wrapped layout, will not mess up your WordPress theme
Tickets can be created from non-registered visitors (setting)
CAPTCHA control security (setting)
Fully localizable
System Event log for debugging purposes
Files Attachments for Customers and Agents
Customizable Email Notifications
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