System Requisites

BravoWP Helpdesk plugin is a plugin for WordPress portals. Please use our plugin on a fully updated WordPress installation. The development took place on a 4.2.0 WordPress website.

How To Install the Plugin

– Login as Administrator of your portal;
– Navigate to “Plugins” -> “Add New”;
– Click on “Upload”;
– Select and Upload the .zip file you downloaded from this website;
– Activate the new plugin.

Short Codes

In order to allow your visitor to issue new tickets, you will need to dedicate a page to BravoWP Helpdesk.

– Login as Administrator of your portal;
– Click on “Pages” -> “Add New”;
– We suggest you to disable Comments for this page;
– In the page content, type: “[ bravowp-helpdesk-frontend ]”, without quotes and spaces.
– Save the page and click “View Page”;
– You should now see BravoWP helpdesk’s Front End content.


Our Helpdesk comes with a full Administrator/Operator Dashboard to manage Support Tickets resolution process. The default page of the Dashboard is the Ticket Search page. You can filter and search all the Tickets Archive, while the pane on the right gives information on the total of Tickets by Status:

Open (Tickets that were created and still not responded to);
Pending (Tickets with at least one action already executed);
Closed (Tickets that have been closed already);

In the View Ticket page, Administrators and Operators can update the Status and data of the Ticket, as well as add messages that will be seen by the customers.


In the Generic setting page, you can decide to:

– Show a CAPTCHA control validation to the Support Ticket submit form;
– Enable the logging of all the events occurring in the Helpdesk (please use this option only for debugging);
– Allow unregistered users to create New Tickets. In this case, customer name and email address will be asked while filling the New Support Ticket form.

Add ons

Need something more? Please check our website for Add-ons to add additional functions to BravoWP Helpdesk.